Panoramic view top glass for jeep jk 07-17 (INSTALLED)

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The panoramic vision kit installs directly to your factory hardtop roof top it comes fully prepared factory sun protection tint and with finish edges ready to install the installation is very simple takes about 1-2 hours contact us if you have any questions (freedom panels not included you will need to send us your 2 pcs freedom panels wi will install the panoramic glass and ship them back to you via FedEx)
Read below for more information 
100% scratch proof

100% water proof

100% do it your self kit (includes all the instructions)



material: polycarbonite

Package includes 2pcs of the panoramic roof top all finish edging & instalation instruction

What you are paying for:

Panoramic glass $649

Installation labor $199

All shipping costs $99

Total of $947 

If you choose this option

1. We will email you a FedEx label as soon as the payment is complete 

2. If you can box the freedom panels so they don't get damaged in the process please do so if not take them to any FedEx office they will box them for you 

3.Tape the label to the box and send it off 

4.They will be our priority we will try to get it done as fast as we can and get them sent back to you as soon as possible 

Order yours now limited quantity available