Wiring Harness Kit Remote Control Switch For your light bar

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14VDC 40A rated wiring loom

This listing is for one set of universal fitment LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Remote Control Wiring Harness Kit

Easy Installation

Direct Plug n Play

For use with 12V vehicles

Compatible with Most LED DRL Kits

light will be off delay as you turn off key ignition

function test

Button has a function of flashing

1. Daytime running lights connected to the controller output;

2 .controller connected to a battery power supply (engine start battery voltage must be> 13.2V)
3. Always functional testing: connected to battery power, daytime running lights into the steady mode;

4 the dimmer function tests: white line touch the battery positive, daytime running lights into the dimming mode;

Steering function test: brown or blue line touch the battery positive, daytime running lights corresponding flashing around;

the white line to detect fluctuations in voltage equivalent to the role of the switch can be accessed by the headlights (high beam) / lights (showing the wide lights) / fog lights positive, but you can not pick hernia lights!

It suitable for the light under 72w led work light bar

These Wiring Harness & Switch Kit is universal which will fit any vehicle's fog lights/off raod halogen or HID lights, as long as it use for voltage between 9V-16V and under 72W led work light

Easy installation by following the diagram

Only modification will be the connection of the wire to the light bulb by splicing them together since it's universal fit harness and switch kit and it doesn't include the light bulb connector

Professional installation is highly recommended

Package Include:

1pcs LED Remote Control Wiring Harness Kit